Key aim of the project is to identify update needs of several OECD Test Guidelines. The project should build on feedback of the international community. In order to facilitate the collection of update suggestions, a survey had been conducted during May – July 2020.  The survey to collect update suggestions is closed! Thank you very much to all participants. 

Pre-Evaluation open

For the pre-evaluation, three blocks are identified, each of it comprising several different Test Guidelines. According to this scheme the workshops will be organised (i.e. there will be individual workshops on block A, B and C). You can download the full details of the allocation below.  

We kindly ask you to access the update suggestions and thus the general significance of a revision need for the thematic block(s) you are experienced and interested in via the following link. Please fill in the questionnaire(s) by the 8th January 2022.

Your contact :

Dr. Alexandra Polcher (organisational lead)
Ramboll Deutschland GmbH